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Appartement Iglsberg, Saalbach - Breakfast service

Breakfast service

There are several possibilities for a cosy dinner near the apartment.

Der Fuchsbau (next to the apartment building):
* breakfast service: every morning an extensive breakfast buffet during winter season on reservation.

Butter contains amongst others:
     * home baked bread
     * muesli, yoghurt
     * fried and cooked eggs
     * bacon and eggs
     * coffe, tea, juices etc

* bread service: upon ordering every morning fresh bread delivered to your apartment
* pizza service: upon ordering delivered in your apartment

Restaurants nearby:
* Liebe Heimat
* Tiroler Buam
* Interstar
* Hochwart Tenne (only open during winterseason)


*For information and reservation:

Family Raijmakers-Knoops

Phone: +31 485 532081

Email: leona@raijmakers-knoops.nl

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